Introduction to Hydraulics
    Principles of Power Hydraulics
    Component Introduction
    Advanced Systems Design and Application
    and more...
  • Design and Manufacture of
    Dual Sided Training Rigs

    The dual units are identical on both sides and can be
    operated independently at the same time.
    Numerous circuits can be assembled using
    hydraulic cylinders, motors, Directional controls,
    pressure controls, Flow Controls, Pilot Operated
    Check Valves, Accumulator and other circuit components.

Hydraulic Training and Consulting

Advising and training engineers, artisans and newcomers on the understanding and application of hydraulics has been our expertise for over 30 years. Join the leading hydraulic training specialists by enrolling on our courses.

The Importance of Fluid Power Training for Engineering and Maintenance Personnel

In recent years, the escalating costs of hydraulic equipment has made it increasingly critical that systems are properly maintained to ensure long and trouble-free service. This, however is not the norm and many systems fail prematurely, resulting in the loss of millions of rands each year in excessive labour, spares and downtime costs, as inadequately trained personnel "keep guessing" at the solutions for hydraulic problems.


A system with a cleanliness level of ISO 24/22/18 can have a mean time between failures of 200 hours.

A system with a cleanliness level of ISO 17/15/12 can have a mean time between failures of 2000 hours.

How does your system compare?


A certificate will be awarded to delegates who complete the courses and the evaluation to the satisfaction of the administrators.

Spot the Mistakes

If your repair staff cannot spot the mistakes and quickly, you could be facing extended production downtime as well as excessive labour and spare parts costs.