Design and Manufacture of Dual Sided Training Rigs

The dual units are identical on both sides and can be operated independently at the same time. Numerous circuits can be assembled using hydraulic cylinders, motors, Directional controls, pressure controls, Flow Controls, Pilot Operated Check Valves, Accumulator and other circuit components.

Can be designed to suit your requirments

The components used are standard manifold mounted industrial units that conform to ISO 4401/CETOP R35H size 3 (NFPA D01/DIN 24340 (NG6). The units are stacked onto manifolds and clip onto the work panel, enabling interconnection of the components by means quick coupled hose assemblies. The manifolds are standard units allowing future additions to the range of components being used on the rig, this also allows for component assemblies to be changed. Some line mounted components can also be used. Energised components are offered with the option of manual or electrical operation.

As designers and manufacturers of Test and Training Rigs we can design and manufacture to suit your specific requirements.



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